What We Do

Protecting and supporting domestic violence survivors goes beyond simply giving them a safe place to stay as it is an integral part of helping these women and their children break free from their abusive situations.

Domestic violence impacts hundreds of millions of women and children, and as one of the domestic violence shelters in Singapore. Casa Raudha provides a safe, private, and welcoming space to those who need it the most.


A Safe Haven

Our shelters are safe havens where these families can feel supported, protected and capable of making informed decisions regarding their next step. It allows them to safely put distance between themselves and their aggressors without placing emotional and physical stress on themselves or their children.


A Pillar of Support

The shelters allow us to give our residents the chance to heal, recuperate, and recover at their own pace. This also helps avoid the risk of being coerced or pressured into returning to unsafe homes or living situations.


A Welcoming Space

Our facilities are specifically designed to to promote recovery, encourage community between residents, and educate them on what their next steps should be to ensure a safe future for them and for their loved ones.

To find out more about our women and children's shelters and facilities, click on the link below.

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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Jurong Point Post Office

PO Box 455

Singapore 916416


Tel. No:

1800 777 0000

(National Anti-Violence Hotline)




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