What We Do

Casa Raudha encourages domestic violence awareness in our communities by creating and engaging campaigns that not only inform the public about what they can do to prevent domestic violence, but also empower members of the community to be an upstander when witnessing domestic violence.

Casa Raudha strives to create programs, initiatives, and campaigns that help encourage self-reliance while minimizing the dependency that keep so many victims trapped in violent or abusive relationships.


Creating Public Awareness

Our campaigns serve to introduce our case, and inspire the community to take action by speaking up against domestic violence.


Driving Tangible Action

Our awareness campaigns aim to empower survivors with the courage and support they need to leave their abusers and seek help at Social Service Agencies (SSA) and the authorities.


Why We Do It

It's important to understand just how invaluable it is to be able to prevent abuse from happening in the first place, instead of only handling its repercussions. By nipping abuse in the bud, we strive to protect the survivors who would suffer mental and physical trauma due to difficult living situations or injury. In doing so, we're also able to stop the intergenerational cycle of violence and its long-term impact that affects survivors and the people around them.

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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Jurong Point Post Office

PO Box 455

Singapore 916416


Tel. No:

1800 777 0000

(National Anti-Violence Hotline)




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