Strengthening Families

Our restoration efforts aim at helping families stay together in a healthy and conducive home environment especially when children are part of the family dynamic. The children need to be in an environment that support their developmental growth in a positive way.


Restoring the self-esteem of the survivors who seek shelters with us


Stop violence from happening again in the future


Families become agents of socialisation where children can see healthy role-models and examples


Foster a climate of trust for people to speak up and have constructive discourse


Providing the post-care support for these survivors who choose to give their relationship with the person who cause hurt a chance to be a better person


Create a sense of belonging and community within our residents and their children


Teach children about moral and societal values


Nurture positive and resilient family relationships

More About Our Continuous Restorative Efforts

Our programs to the women and children who call our facilities home for the time being. Restoration, according to us, means giving these women and children the opportunities and resources they need to restore balance and safety to their daily lives. To be able to do this, however, we need to take a look at what our residents need, what we can do to empower them with new skills, and how we can provide them with adequate financial, physical, and emotional support.

For Women and Mothers

We have several programs in place that are specifically made for women and mothers who want to learn how to not only care for themselves but also build a brighter future for their families through self-resilience and self-love.


Financial Skills and Support

We not only provide residents with ad-hoc financial support, but we also teach them how to manage their savings and daily expenses in an educational finance program.


Supplementing Incom

While we try to financially support the women and children that we care for as much as possible, we want them to gain the skills and experience needed to take care of their needs once they leave our facilities again. Our team has created several opportunities where our residents can become self-entrepreneurs who have the skills to start their own home-based businesses and gain a much-needed stream of income for their families.


Sponsorship Programs

Our sponsorship programs, supports the survivors who wish to continue with life-long learning with life-skills and academic to enhance their quality of life.


For Children

Our children's programmes are our way of shaping the future by empowering kids with the knowledge they need to identify abuse, report it to trusted adults, and reach out to a vigilant community. These programmes help create a sense of creativity, community, financial responsibility, and more.


For Family

Under the post-care outreach, our team works with the families providing them with soft skills in embracing differences and meeting with diversified needs in a positive and supportive ways. Members of the family putting each other's needs before individual helps them to look beyond conflicts and focus on emotional aspect when dealing with challenges.

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