End the Cycle of Abuse: Our Children’s’ Journey | 11 Nov 2021

November 02, 2021

How do we stop the intergenerational cycle of abuse? What role can we play in the community to implement effective intervention plans?

Casa Raudha envisions a hopeful future for children. The Symposium titled End the Cycle of Abuse: Our Children’s Journey will be focusing on the abuse of children and youths and its long-term impact. We seek to inspire action and rally support in ending the abuse of young children and youths through this Symposium with a focus on three key objectives:

  1. Create awareness of child abuse & its long-term impacts
  2. Partner with key stakeholders to provide safe spaces for children
  3. Encourage perpetrators to step forward and seek help

The symposium comprises two sessions. The first session involves key stakeholders at the National Level while the second session is targeted at Malay-Muslim Organisations (MMOs).

(I) National Level Session

Attendees for the first session will include professionals from the social service landscape and key stakeholders who directly serve youths such as educators and Family Service Centres (FSCs) to speak and share about the impact of child abuse. There will also be three breakout sessions for discussions with the goal of supporting children’s developmental growth in various settings: Home, Community, and School. Discussions will then be summarised and shared with other attendees, followed by the launch of an educational book on child abuse titled I See. I Hear. I Do: My Story.

Guest-of-Honour: Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family Development

(II) MMO Level Session 

Attendees for the second session will include professionals from Malay-Muslim Organizations (MMOs), Asatizahs, and other social service professionals in the MMO community to speak and share about the impact of child abuse. There will also be three breakout rooms discussions exploring family culture in relation to children’s upbringing based on 3 key aspects: Religion, Community, and Social. A summary of the discussions will be shared with other attendees and professionals during the Q&A segment.

Guest-of-Honour: Assoc. Prof Dr Mr Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of National Development.

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