What We Do

Social Enterprise

Like every non-profit organization, sustainability is the key element that will allow Casa Raudha to remain relevant and available in helping the mistreated women and their children.

We have optimise the available green areas into gardens that produce consumable vegetation like ginger, chili, lime, turmeric, lady finger, kangkong, sweet potatoes, spinach, okra and fruits like mango, papaya, banana, sour sop and herbal plants too. These gardens provide food for residents to consume at the same time provide therapeutic activities to the resident who finds solace through gardening.

Hydroponics is no alien to us. We have started planting of vegetable by using Hydroponics more than 3 years now. It has benefited us well. Hence, we have moved on to the next phase by using Aquaponics.

A simple technology using Tilapia fish that generate nutrient for the vegetable has help us to generate 2 income. We are now able to harvest the vegetables without investing on fertiliser / nutrient and at the same time harvesting the fish for our consumption. It is a dual profit as compare to hydroponics.

Aquaponics is a promising project. After operating both systems (hydroponics and aquaponics) Casa Raudha intends to expand the in-house project into a social enterprise as a platform towards self-sustaining. We are looking for sponsors to support us via this sustainable projects of which we have experienced operating it a good number of years.