President’s Message

Mr Hamzah Abdul Mutalib

Casa Raudha Women Home has entered a decade sharing a space within the Community in reaching out to vulnerable women and children who experience domestic violence. We commemorated its beginning, present and future when we had our 10th Anniversary Charity Dinner on 9th March 2018. Through reflection of the milestones that we have achieved, it reoriented us back to the fundamental cornerstone to spearhead us towards another decade.

In March 2018, I am honoured to be elected as the President of Casa Raudha. I am inspired by the work that Casa Raudha’s past leaders have put in place and I am excited of the direction that we are moving towards for the next decade to come. We will retain good values, re-strategies current practices to further polished our service and continue innovating new ideas to remain relevant in this shared space.

10 years ago, Casa Raudha started with minimal reserves and now it is financially viable and ready to serve. Our service must be accessible to the Community at large while at the same protecting and healing the ones that are within.

It is important that Casa Raudha continues to network with organizations and professionals that are inclined towards a shared common cause; eradication of domestic violence. We will remain steadfast to our core role in providing interim shelter that will empower the residents to be self-reliant, independent and productive members of the society.

The next decade will present its own set of challenges. Retaining talented staff is one of the key challenges that most organizations faced and Casa Raudha is not exempted from it. Nevertheless, we will continue to meet and trail blaze the organization’s objectives.

I welcome you to be part of Casa Raudha family and participate in the upcoming events and activities. There are endless possibilities in being an engaged volunteer of the organization. You will find fulfillment when you are part of the Community that heals.

Time and again, we are fortunate for the continued support that we are able to affect change in our community. It is because of you that people are empowered to reconstruct their lives. Thank you for your role in creating a better community for us all.

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give”~ Khalil Gibran

Mr Hamzah Abdul Mutalib
Casa Raudha Women Home