The Casa Raudha Story


Casa Raudha Women Home was officially founded in 2008, with a primary goal to provide temporary shelter and new beginnings for women who were victims/survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Now entering its eighth year, Casa Raudha has come a long way from the small office it once occupied in a building along Sims Avenue to its current site today. The shelter welcomes women and their children who require protection, regardless of race or religion.

Now located inconspicuously within a residential neighbourhood, Casa Raudha owns a welcoming space that is able to house up to 50 women and their children who are recovering from their experiences of abuse and mistreatment. The new shelter is fully equipped with the necessary facilities to provide residents with a safe recovery and learning living space.

Apart from providing our residents with shelter, Casa Raudha seeks to be a haven for them by motivating them to continue persisting towards making positive changes in their live. By empowering them to take control of their lives, Casa Raudha hopes that by the time these women leave the shelter, they are empowered with the confidence and skills to make informed choices and to lead independent lives not just for themselves, but for their children as well.